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Land Rover/Range Rover Electronic Park Brake (EPB) and Service Tool

Part Number:  EPB 30369500

The new Land Rover / Range Rover Service Light Reset & Electronic Park Brake tool has been designed to extinguish service lights and to mount the cable for the EPB for Land Rovers and Range Rovers.  In addition, it will also allow the user to reset the EPB system if the emergency release cable has been activated and release the EPB in the event it becomes jammed.


 Service Reset: enables service & inspection mode – resets the service light

 EPB Release: releases the cable to allow brakes to be serviced

 EPB Reset: resets the cable if the emergency release cable has been activated

 EPB “Un-jam”: un-jams the EPB function when the brakes are squeaking or dragging

 Clear Codes: clears codes following emergency cable activation or park brake jamming

 Compatible with CAN-enabled vehicles

Service Reset :  Land Rover Discovery 3 (all models) 2005-2009, Range Rover Sport (all models) 2005-2009 

EPB:  Land Rover Discovery 3 (all models) 2005-2009, Range Rover Sport (all models) 2005-2009

üCompatible with latest CAN vehicles.

Brake Fluid Conductivity Meter

Part Number:  ABFT11

The ABFT11 is used to check the quality of the brake fluid in a vehicle.  Brake systems, in a vehicle, will absorb moisture into the brake fluid through the rubber seals and joints.  The effect of this is that the boiling point of the brake fluid will be lowered, which can lead to brake failure at inopportune moments.  The more moisture in brake fluid, the lower the boiling point and the higher the conductivity reading.  The better the brake fluid, the lower the conductivity reading.  The ABFT11 gives the user the ability to check the conductivity value of the brake fluid in a vehicle. Test brake fluid quality for about a third of the cost of some optical meters on the market today!


Ø Easy to use! Supports DOT3, DOT4, and DOT5.1 brake fluids.

Ø Simply  uncap the brake fluid reservoir, insert the probe into the brake fluid so the two pins are in the fluid, and push the power button on the ABFT11.

Ø The LED bar graph will indicate the correct value.

Ø Battery operated, no other connections required.

Ø Electronic measurement, no test strips verify.

Ø One Time Purchase, no disposable strips required.

Are you servicing brake systems? If so you need this meter!

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Text Box:  VW/Audi Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) & Mercedes SBC Brake Service Tool 
Part Number: ABEPBSBC12 
Text Box: VW/AUDI: This tool retracts calipers electrically, allowing the brake pads to be removed for service. Also useful in fitting new park brake motors, brake calipers and discs, as well as replacing wheel hubs, because the calipers are safely retracted, releasing the braking components. Advances calipers after servicing to the original position without affecting the current calibration. Initializes the wear indicator if new pads installed. Enters new pad thickness. Can also recalibrate Tilt Angle, if necessary! 

MERCEDES: The Mercedes SBC system incorporates various systems previously separate (ABS, ASR, BAS, ESP and ETS). The SBC system can be “woken up” by opening a door, operating the central locking, depressing the brakes, turning on the ignition or operating the park brake. When this occurs, the system runs pre-checks which include a pressurization of the braking system. If the brakes are either being worked on or are dismantled when these pre-checks occur, it can lead to personal injury or damage to parts of the caliper and pad assembly. The SBC tool disables the system during service and repair work, thus allowing a safe working environment. Enables the system, after work is complete. Clears codes, as well! 
Text Box: Work with confidence on newer VW, Audi, and Mercedes vehicles with integrated electronic brake systems. Use the tool with the OEM procedures built in! 
Text Box: Volvo Electronic Brake Service Tool (EPB) & Service Light Reset (SLR) Service
Part Number:  30369700
Text Box: The Volvo Electronic Brake Service Tool and SLR tool enables the technician to service the electronic park brake system on covered Volvo Brakes.  It also extinguishes service lights, providing a simple way to finish repair work for customers.
30369700 PictureText Box: Features:
Enables service and repair functions to be carried out on Volvo EPB systems and extinguish service lights for the following:
Compatible with latest CAN vehicles.
Text Box: This tool allows technicians to service the electronic brake systems and extinguish service lights on a variety of Volvo Brake Systems
Volvo Tool Coverage Chart