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Oil filters retain oil. This oil leaks from the filter once the filter is unscrewed. Oil may spill on the garage floor and on hands and arms. Leaking oil may be hot, causing burns. Leaking oil can also get trapped in suspension components and plastic shrouds, causing a “burning oil” smell and potentially dripping on your customer’s garage floor or driveway. Leaking oil also enters the environment and eventually our drinking water supply. According to the EPA, it has been estimated that every three weeks, more oil is deposited on driveways and streets in the United States than the Exxon Valdez Oil spill in Alaska!!

Protect yourself and the environment with the NEW No-Mess Oil Filter Removal Tool

Three sizes cover about 90% of cars and light trucks with spin-on type oil filters!

Oil filters fit snuggly inside the tool

Order each tool individually or our OFRKIT which includes all 3-sizes. CALL TODAY TO ORDER!

Use the patent-pending combination oil filter removal tool & spill boot to capture the excess oil, protect your hands, and eliminate the mess! Save money on shop rags, and help protect our environment!

Part#                    Description                                                     

OFR01                    Oil Filter Removal Tool – small

OFR02                    Oil Filter Removal Tool – medium

OFR03                    Oil Filter Removal Tool – large 

OFRKIT                 Oil Filter Removal Tool – All 3 Sizes 

Part Number OFR01 fits:

¨ Fram:  PH2870A, PH3387A, PH3506, PH3593A, PH3567, PH3600, PH3614, PH3675, PH3682, PH3980, PH8316, PH9566, PH9837, PH10060, TG3387A, HM3387A, TG3506, HM3506, HM3593A, TG3600, HM3600, TG3614, HM3614, TG3675, HM3675, TG3682, TG3980, HM3980, TG8316, TG9837

¨ AC Delco PF56, PF37, PF46, PF1127, PF2010, PF13, PF61, PF1232, PF52, PF2221, PF48

¨ Castrol: CM2870A, CM3387A, CM3429, CM3506, CM3593A, CM3600, CM3614, CM3675, CM3682, M3980,CM8316

¨ NAPA: 1034, 1036, 1040, 1042, 1045, 1347, 1348, 1512, 1516, 1522

¨ WIX: 51342, 51040, 51042, 51334, 51516, 51348, 51522, 51361, 51036, 51040, 51042, 51334

¨ Service Champ:  OF252, OF111, OF4006, OF4459, OF195, OF241, OF123, OF4457, OF173, OF250, OF2222

¨ Bosch: 3330, 3331, 3332, 3334, 3400, 3421, 3422, 3423, 3430


Part Number OFR02 fits:

¨ Fram: PH7575, PH9837

¨ Purolator: L10241

¨ Supertech: ST3675

¨ WIX: 51348, 51522

¨ Service Champ:  OF4651, OF40A, OF1A, OF4670, OF5313, OF5399


Part Number OFR03 fits:

¨ Fram: PH2, PH5, PH8A, PH4, PH43, PH16, PH30, PH9100, TG2, HM2, TG5, HM5, TG8A, HM8A, TG16, HM16, TG9100

¨ AC Delco: PF1250, PF1218, PF1A, PF13, PF12, PF2232

¨ NAPA: 1288, 1372

¨ WIX: 51258, 51036, 51515, 51516, 51068, 51068, 51258, 57202

¨ Bosch: 3320, 3321, 3322, 3401, 3402, 3410, 3510

How it’s used:

1. While the filter is on the vehicle, slide the tool on the filter. The inside of the tool is grooved so it forms a good grip on the filter.

2. The flexible bellows will seal against the engine block.

3. Loosen the filter with a 3/8” drive ratchet (insert in the square opening on the bottom of the tool).

4. Reverse the ratchet direction to loosen the tool from the filter.

5. Remove!  The excess oil is retained in the tool!  No more oil on your hands, floor or undercarriage!

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