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Customer Retention Program: Overview

Dealers - Now you are able to offer a comprehensive customer retention program with the flexibility you need to be successful in today’s competitive market! With the ability to customize both product packaging and customer communications, Get Nitrogen Institute provides the way to create a focused relationship between you and your customers. Here’s a quick overview:


¨ Our customer retention program features an “ala carte menu”, so you choose what to sell.

¨ Professionally designed monthly or quarterly newsletters, customized with your logo at the top and your coupons at the bottom, to help you generate a lasting, revenue-building relationship.

¨ Our exclusive Get Nitrogen Institute Dashboard lets you track your sales rate and create a list of customers, with their contact information, so no one will “slip through the cracks”.

¨ The built in preview makes creating your newsletter simple and easy.


Let’s take a closer look at the benefits and options available with our plans…

 Get Nitrogen Institute Dashboard

¨ Helps you sell

¨ Tracks customer information including plans purchased and contact information

¨ Helps you plan future needs and track sales

¨ View sample newsletter in real time

¨ Allows you to track the plans you’ve purchased and sold

¨ You own list of contact information for your customers


Customer Newsletter

¨  Choice of quarterly or monthly distribution at no extra charge

¨ Your logo added throughout to create name recognition

¨ Designed to give customers great tips on how to save fuel, increase safety and drive smarter

¨ Includes unlimited coupons, customized by you, to sell other services

¨ You decide the service and discount your customers receive and your name goes on each coupon