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Universal Motorcycle/ATV Diagnostic Scan Tool

Part Number: MS6050 & MS6050M

From the same company that brought you the MS5650 and the MS5950 Motorcycle Scan Tools, we are happy to introduce the NEW MS6050M and MS6050 scan tools. Both units come preloaded with the software to diagnose over 50 of the most popular manufactures. The MS6050 allows the user to activate just the software needed, reducing the overall cost of the unit without sacrificing performance. The MS6050 Kit includes one free activation token, allowing the user to activate software for the manufacturer of their choosing. The MS6050M includes a master token to activate all of the manufacturers

The scanner covers the following functions: Ignition, Injection, ABS, Immobilizer/Anti Theft, Service Resets, Dashboard, Body Computer, Radio/Entertainment System and RDC/Tire Pressure Monitoring.

The Diagnostic Scanner allows the technician to perform factory service procedures such as re-setting the service light, encoding keys, unlocking and configuring the immobilizer/alarm, making injection adjustments (CO Trimmer), adjusting the throttle valve position sensor (TPS), re-setting auto adaptive parameters, and making idle adjustments. The tool displays ECU data, reads stored faults (history) or live data (RPM, battery voltage, throttle angle).


· Software available to cover 50 major manufacturers’ diagnostic functions. Activated via the internet. One token included with MS6050 kit.

· Covers Injection, Ignition, ABS, Immobilizer/ Anti-Theft System, Body Computer, etc.

· The tool also allows the technician to perform factory service procedures such as:

· Reading and Re-setting the service light,

· Encoding keys,

· Unlocking the immobilizer and configuring the immobilizer/alarm,

· Making injection adjustments (CO Trimmer),

· Adjusting the throttle valve position sensor (TPS),

· Re-setting autoadaptive parameters,

· Making idle adjustments.

· The tool displays live data and ECU data, reads stored faults (history) or live data (RPM, battery voltage, throttle angle, includes data logger for intermitant fault detection, etc.).

· Note: not all features available with all brands of motorcycles/ATVs.

· OEM-style connector cables are required and sold separately.

The Next Generation Diagnostic Tool for Motorcycles and ATVs


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Don’t need 50 different manufactures or on a limited budget? Then the NEW MS6050 may be the unit you need. Same great software as the MS5950 and MS6050M but you can activate only the manufacturers you need.