As you know, electronics on motorcycles are fast becoming as sophisticated as those on today’s cars; with the new global emission and safety standards, manufactures are turning to on-board computers to control everything from ignition and fuel injection to the radio. These new systems require a tool just as sophisticated for service and diagnostics.

The MS5650 Scan Tool is a UNIVERSAL tool covering diagnostic functions and communication protocols for most major motorcycle manufacturers. Finally, a single tool for every brand instead of numerous factory tools (usually available only to dealers or those willing to pay the factory price). This universal tool is capable of diagnosing faults on over 40 different vehicle brands such as Harley-Davidson®, Yamaha®, Honda®, Kawasaki®, BMW®, just to name a few. (Optional OEM style cables available for advanced diagnostic capabilities)

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G7240.18 Motorcycle Tire Changer


This “swing-arm” style tire changer is specially designed to handle motorcycle wheels. The chuck is fitted with fix mounted clamps to guarantee maximum rigidity during operation. Offers a clamping range of 15” to 23”. Optional adapters allow for 8” clamping. 110 VAC 1HP motor.

G2.116H Motorcycle Wheel Balancer


Electronic computerized wheel balancer designed for motorcycles with high performances in terms of speed and accuracy. Single motor driven launch with automatic stop at the end of the cycle.

Optional adapters for 8” clamping

Optional adapters for Wheel Balancer

KP1394 - KP1394P / 880 Pound Capacity (400 kg)


Pantograph lift with foot-operated hydraulic pump (KP1394) or with air-hydraulic pump (KP1394P). Lifting height of 31.5” (800mm). Deck surface is 29.5” (750 mm) wide by 95.5” (2425 mm) long, rear section of lift folds down for easy serving of rear wheels. Optional accessories include manual or air powered front wheel clamp and the low-rise S1394A3  Motorcycle / ATV Jack .

KP1396P - KP1396E / 1,320 Pound Capacity (600 kg)


Scissors lift with air-hydraulic pump (KP1396P) or with electro-hydraulic control box (KP1396E). Great lifting height of over 39” (1000 mm). Deck surface is 29.5” (750 mm) wide by 96.5” (2200 mm) long, rear section of lift is removable for easy serving of rear wheels.  Optional clamps and jack available.

KP1396TP - KP1396TE / 1,320 Pound Capacity (600 kg)


Scissors lift with air-hydraulic pump (KP1396TP) or with electro-hydraulic control box (KP1396TE). This lift has a great lifting height of over 39” (1000 mm). This lift is configured with an extra wide deck measuring 57” (1450 mm) by 96.5” (2200 mm) to handle 3-Wheeled vehicles and micro-cars as well as lawn and garden tractors. Includes a removable rear section.

Now you can inflate your bottom line while offering your customers all the benefits of Nitrogen just like the big boys, all for a price that meets even the most modest budget.

Branick Model 120A Automatic Inflator / Converter –  multiple-tire, Nitrogen conversion system. The fastest, simplest and most affordable system on the market today. Add a Nitrogen tank and regulator and you’re ready to start making money.

Branick Model 185 is their most affordable nitrogen generator yet. Offering plug and play service at an economical price the system will inflate or convert tires with an uninterrupted flow of 97% pure nitrogen. Just set the target pressure and number of purges, the system takes care of the rest, leaving you free to continue other service.

Finally a product that pays for itself in Months rather than Years. Unlike equipment purchases that may take years to get a return on your investment, a Nitrogen System can pay for itself fast. Whether you’re looking to sell Nitrogen or just offer top-offs to your valued customers, these systems do it all.

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Viking 185 Nitrogen Generator w/inflator

Model 120A Nitrogen Tank unit w/inflator

Optional Accessories for Motorcycle Lifts