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Part Number BL-90209


Designed & engineered for quick lubes, the Blazer 9,000 Lbs Lube Lift easily converts conventional oil change pits into tire rotation service bays. A natural addition to any lube shop menu, tire rotation service can bring thousands of extra dollars to your bottom line each month/year.


The Blazer 9000 is loaded with standard features you would expect to pay more for. These include a commercial duty 1.5 HP Power Unit, electronic Push-Button Controls and remote Air Operated Safety Locks. With a lift rating of 9000 lbs this workhorse will easily handle heavier Pickup Trucks, SUV’s, 4x4’s and Commercial Service Vans as well as standard Passenger Vehicles. You’ll be able to accommodate just about any vehicle coming in for service. No need to turn away profitable business because your rotation lift is under-powered.


Easy to install the Blazer 9000 may be Flush Mounted or Surface Mounted without interfering with your lube bay opening. Installation materials, hydraulic hoses and hardware are included with each unit. Optional engineered accessories allow safe lifting of all vehicles weighing up to 9000 lbs. using manufacturer designated lift points.


To insure product safety and quality standards are maintained, the Blazer 9000 is ETL Tested, ALI Certified and conforms to ANSI /U.L. STANDARD 201. (Some state & local laws require this certification on all installed vehicle lifts).

Features & Benefits


· Easily converts lube bays for tire rotation service bringing more dollars to your bottom line.

· Provides more lifting capacity (9000 lbs) that allows a wider range of vehicles for service.

· Mounts outside the lube service bay without interfering with technician working below.

· Lifting height from 23” to 35” allows efficient service of taller trucks and 4 x 4’s.

· Flush-to-floor design provides seamless drive-over option (4” floor recess required).

· Heavy duty 1.5 HP Power Unit delivers necessary lift for popular trucks & SUV’s.

· Electronic push-button controls allow smooth, single hand operation.

· Automatic 12-position safety locks w/air release deliver safe, remote lift control.

· Safety yellow powder coat finish guarantees years of trouble-free service.

· Optional accessories are engineered to safely lift vehicles at manufacturer designated lift points.

· ETL-Tested & ALI-Certified to meet strict industry and government quality standards.




Model:                                          Blazer 9000 (#BL-90209)

Lifting Capacity:                         9,000 lbs

Frame Pad Dimensions:             72” x 26” Top Width

Collapsed Height:                        4”

Rise Height:                                 34-1/2” Top of Arm Extensions (deduct 4” if recessed)

                                                      25” with one 2” Rubber Block (deduct 4” if recessed)

                                                      23” Top of Ramp (deduct 4” if recessed)

Power Unit:                                  1.5 HP Dual Valve

Electrical Requirements:            220 Volt Single Phase

                                                      60 HZ Circuit

                                                      25 AMP Breaker

Shipping Weight:                        1,300 lbs. (without ramps)

Hydraulic Hose:                          1 @ 26’ Long
                                                      1 @ 14’ Long

Certification:                               ETL Tested, ALI Certified

                                                      ANSI / U.L. Standard 201


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Adjustable Arms w/Lift Extensions, 16-pc set (#BL-90210)

· (use when servicing Trucks, Vans & SUVs)

· (4-Adjustable Arm Extensions)

· (4-Removable Lift Pads)

· (4-5” Stack Extensions)

· (4-2-5/8” Stack Extensions) 


High Density Rubber Blocks, 4-pc set (#BL-90211)

· (use when servicing uni-body frame vehicles)

· (4-Rubber Blocks 2” x 6” x 6”)



Power Unit Stand (#BL-90212)

· (bolt-down w/hardware)

· (all steel construction with safety yellow finish


Ramps for Surface Mounting Set, 4-pc Set (#BL-90213)

· (4- Surface Mount Ramps 4”Height)

· (all steel construction, safety yellow finish)



Air Filter / Regulator Kit (#PK-14G)

· (1/4” air regulator w/gauge)

· (1/4” air filter)

· (mounting bracket)


Lift Accessory Rack (#LAR-02)

· (stores & organizes lift accessories)

· (all steel construction, safety yellow finish)