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KP440NE - KP440E

Two lifting screws in each column

The motors are inter-connected mechanically by line shafting and bevel gear boxes in oil bath to ensure the perfect level of the platforms and balanced load on motors regardless of vehicle position. Only one adjustment is made during the installation, never during operation as there are no parts subject to yielding or lengthening such as cables and load bearing chains.

Motor protection by thermal relay is provided to prevent burning out in case of overloading or lack of one phase.

The platform length and the capacity of these lifts make them ideal for busses and trucks.



Maximum access to the vehicle thanks to the special concept of extended platforms, unique feature of the Ravaglioli range of commercial lifts.


Space is freely available to reach any part, including the engine.

KP118N - KP118NP / 13,5T

Twin-piston hydraulic/air-hydraulic wheel-free jack

Operated by means of hand-pump or air-hydraulic pump (version NP)

Pneumatic feed pressure 6 10 bar

Translation on ball bearing