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Recommended Application Procedure for Cleaner -Degreaser

EnviroClean Solutions Cleaner Degreaser is specifically formulated to clean tough stains from concrete tile, concrete floors, concrete pads, drive thru pads and pit lanes.


For intensive cleaning of accumulated oil, grease and dirt in concrete, tile and/or tile and grout:

I. First application should be applied at dilution rate of 1:1 to the surface. This ratio is for very deep cleaning and recommended for the first application. Pour Cleaner Degreaser and water into a bucket. Apply product liberally via industrial brush (or scrubber) and distribute evenly across the surface to be cleaned. (One gallon of Cleaner Degreaser at this ratio should clean approximately 200 square feet.)


             After initial application, the dilution ratio can be adjusted as follows:

                          • Light Duty Jobs 20:1

                          • Medium Duty Jobs 10:1

                          • Heavy Duty Jobs 1:1

II. Work the Cleaner Degreaser into the surface vigorously with an industrial brush (or scrubber if available)

III. Continue to work the product into the surface. You should see oil and grease begin to come to the surface. Wait 15 minutes.

IV. Power wash the area that has been worked. Once dry, the floor should noticeably cleaner and the coloration of the tile or concrete should begin to re-emerge. Depending on the location it may be advisable to apply Protile-700 on top of the above process for “no slip” protection.

FAQ: Concrete Cleaner Degreaser

I. What makes EnviroClean Solutions Concrete Cleaner Degreaser different from standard degreasers I’ve always used?

Other Degreasers emulsify oil and grease and our product doesn’t. When motor oil is emulsified, it is chemically converted to a water soluble state that allows it to penetrate even deeper in the substrate. Other degreasers don’t remove oil; they just make it thinner and spread it around. EnviroClean Solutions Concrete Cleaner Degreaser is formulated to break the bond of the oil from the concrete without any emulsifying action. The chemical reaction causes the oil to “release” for easy removal. A second application on heavy buildups such as centerline or a drive-thru pad will usually result in a 90-96% removal of shadowy stains.


II. How often do I need to use the Concrete Cleaner Degreaser?

Our product is not formulated to be used as a daily cleaner but to bring concrete back to 80-100% of the new appearance over time. Depending on the environment and buildup of grease/oil in the applied , once every other week or once a month may be sufficient. It is recommended that ProTile-700 is used as the daily cleaner.


III. How much does it cost?

The EnviroClean Solutions Concrete Cleaner Degreaser cost less than you would imagine. The product cost less than 10 cents per square foot.


IV. Can I perform the work myself or do I need a professional cleaning contractor?

That’s your call. If you have in-house personnel; who are accustomed to maintaining your troublesome surfaces, they’ll have no problem whatsoever in performing this work. If you don’t have the manpower or would just prefer an outside contractor and don’t know who is qualified, just give us a call for assistance.


V. My concrete is really old. Will it still work?

Believe it or not, the older the concrete, the easier it is. As concrete ages, it continues to harden, naturally reducing the capillary action that allows for the deep shadowy stains in the first place. In many cases, we see the best results in old concrete.


VI. How does EnviroClean Solutions Concrete Cleaner Degreaser differ from most competitive degreaser that are on the market today?

It is fast acting, and formulated to work on the toughest dirt, greases and stains out there. EnviroClean Solutions' Concrete Cleaner & Degreaser is formulated with state of the art technology for cleaning agents. These high technology ingredients make EnviroClean Solutions Cleaner & Degreaser the most efficient and safest product available today for cleaning applications.


VII. How harmful to the environment is your product?

EnviroClean Solutions Concrete Cleaner & Degreaser is unique. This product contains no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) has a mid to neutral pH and is 100% biodegradable. It contains NO butyl compounds, or harsh acids or other toxic chemicals. EnviroClean Solutions is extremely safe to use and exceeds all state and federal guidelines.


EnviroClean Solutions Hard Surface -  Concrete/Floor Cleaner Degreaser

EnviroClean Solutions Hard Surface Cleaner is a unique alternative to harsh and dangerous acid based concrete cleaners. Our product is highly effective at removing oils, waxes, greases from tile, drive through pads, and other concrete surfaces where traffic is heavy. EnviroClean Solutions Concrete Cleaner Degreaser removes stains, rust and brightens even the most aged surfaces.


100% Eco-Friendly Cleaner

EnviroClean Solutions ECS 770 Hard Surface / Floor Cleaner and Degreaser is a specially formulated product that deep cleans all hard surfaces quickly and effectively. ECS 770 is completely different from most other products currently available. It breaks the bond of the oil from the surface without emulsifying or converting to a water soluble state. When the surface is washed, the oil is actually being removed as a solid providing for a much more effective stain removal. Unlike most current products on the market today, the proprietary formula contains no acids or harsh alkalis, preventing possible damage to metals, painted surfaces, plastics or other composite materials.  The non-toxic, 100% biodegradable formula can be used for many multi purpose applications to remove and clean tough stains found at automotive repair shops, truck depots, home garages and any where there is grease and oil.


The Science of Clean

At EnviroClean Solutions we take the environment seriously. Our chemists have designed and developed products for professionals that clean without toxic chemicals and solvents. Our non-toxic, 100% biodegradable products contain no butyl compounds, no VOC’s and no harsh caustics or acids to damage your vehicles, parts, surfaces or tools. ECS 770 cleans and degreases with superior results.



Concrete (sealed & unsealed)                                         Tile                                              Terrazzo

Marble                            Stone                                           Vinyl                                           Plastics

Rubber                            Aluminum                                  Magnesium                                Stainless

Painted Surfaces           Base Metals


1-2-3-4 Simple Steps to Use

 1. Spray or wipe on surface

 2. Wait 5-15 minutes for maximum performance

 3. Brush Area or Power Wash

 4. Rinse clean with water


Dilution Guidelines

Light Duty Jobs:                   40 parts water – 1 part ECS 770

Medium Duty Jobs:               10/20 parts water – 1 part ECS 770

Heavy Duty Jobs:                  1 part water – 1 part ECS 770



ECS 770

Most Competitive Products

Butyl Cleaner

On the list of California’s toxic air substances and some studies indicate that it produces reproductive problems, such as testicular damage, reduced fertility. Also degrades surface finish over time.


Most all of them

Potential health hazard for employees and customers!


Volatile organic compound refers to organic chemical compounds which have significant vapor pressures and which can affect the environment and human health.


Most all of them

Potential health hazard for employees and customers!

Hydrochloric Acid

Both the mist and the solution have a corrosive effect on human tissue, with the potential to damage respiratory organs, eyes, skin, and intestines.


Most all of them

Potential health hazard for employees and customers!

Sodium Metasilicates

In moist vapor form it is corrosive to metals like zinc, aluminum, tin, chrome and lead, forming hydrogen gas.


Most all of them

Can eat away the calcium in concrete, requiring resurfacing over time. Corrosive to metals it may come in contact with.





One of the biggest culprits in ocean pollution is phosphates. 16 states now ban the sale of dishwasher detergents that contain high levels of phosphates


Most of them

Biggest contributor to ocean pollution, not Eco-Friendly. High phosphate levels can kill life in rivers, streams and oceans by causing "algae blooms."



ECS 770 is completely different from most other products. It breaks the bond of the oil from the surface without emulsifying. When the surface is washed, the oil is actually being removed as a solid providing for a much more effective stain removal.


Typically degreasers chemically emulsify oil, meaning they convert it to a water-soluble state, Once soluble, the oil just goes right back into the porosity of the surface, which is why the stains lighten, but are still present.

Directions for use

Great for sealed concrete

Not harsh on surface

Do NOT use on sealed floors